Marvel Football League: Marvel-Inspired NFL Helmets

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, Marvel’s Black Widow has postponed its release until November 6, 2020. To feed our appetite until then, TrueSportsMovies is sharing a collection of Marvel-inspired NFL helmets courtesy of JK Creative. (Disclaimer: These fan made NFL logos were designed by the artist for fun. They are unlicensed and are not the official logo for any NFL teams.

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Want to see more fun, fan-inspired NFL logos?

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Fan-Made Dallas Cowboys Logo
In honor of the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl LIII, we will start with Tom Brady as Star-Lord.

The leader of Guardians of the Galaxy is featured as the logo for the Marvel-inspired NFL helmet.

Fan-Made Dallas Cowboys Logo
The Jacksonville Jaguars stick with the Guardians of the Galaxy theme.

Rocket Raccoon looks pretty badass as the Marvel-inspired NFL helmet for Jacksonville.

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Fan-Made Dallas Cowboys Logo
The Washington Redskins become less controversial by becoming the Washington Groots as their Marvel NFL logo.

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Fan-Made Dallas Cowboys Logo
The Oakland/ Las Vegas Raiders naturally replace the pirate logo on their helmet with one of Nick Fury.

The Marvel Agents of Shield logo could not be more perfect, from the shield down to the eye patch.

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Fan-Made New York Giants Logo
I also really like Hydra as Pittsburg Steelers' Marvel-inspired NFL logo.

Come to think of it, they are a lot like Hydra... Cut off the Le'Veon Bell tentacle, and a James Conner tentacle takes his place. Cut off the Antonio Brown tentacle, and a Ju-Ju Schuster-Smith tentacle takes his place...

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Fan-Made Philadelphia Eagles Logo
The Cap, Steve Rogers. There's a star on his shield. There's a star on the Dallas Cowboys helmet. Another very natural fit for a Marvel-inspired NFL logo.

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Fan-Made Washington Redskins Logo
Ironman and Captain America were enemies in Captain America: Civil War, as 2 of Marvel's most recognizable characters. The San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys were enemies in the 1980s and 1990s as the NFL's most recognizable teams.

These parallels make Ironman the perfect Marvel-inspired logo for the 49ers.

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Fan-Made NLF Logo - Buffalo
Into the Spider-verse we go.

The Kansas City Chiefs become the Kansas City Spidey as the Marvel-inspired NFL helmet.

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Fan-Made NLF Logo - Miami
Doc Ock's tentacles are a perfect replacement for the Ram's horns on the side their Marvel-inspired NFL helmet.

Just think... if the Chiefs had defeated the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, then Super Bowl LIII would featured the Kansas City Spiderman versus the Los Angeles Doc Ock, with team Spidey winning.

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Fan-Made NLF Logo - New England
The Thing from Fantastic Four. One of my favorite Marvel-inspired NFL logo, despite how simple the design is.

It just works, and it's so much more interesting than the original helmet design.

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