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Fan Made NFL Logos – NFC & AFC West

(Part 4 of 4) – In our final installment of our Fan Made NFL Logos series, we look at alternate designs for NFC and AFC West teams.

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks
AFC West: Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and Oakland Raiders

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Fan-Made NLF Logo - New York
Similar to some other Paul Bunyan Design ideas, where the helmet represents the head of the animal.

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Fan-Made Philadelphia Eagles Logo
Obviously, outdated because it says "St. Louis", but a pretty cool design nonetheless. Notice how the horn curves to forms an "r" on "rams"  Courtesy of Max O' Brien

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Fan Made New York Giants Logo
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Both the design by Max O' Brien and the one by Matt McInerney use a pick axe as part of the 49ers logo, for obvious reasons.Fan Made NFL Logos - San Francisco Thumbnail
Fan-Made New York Giants Logo
More lifelike image of a bird than the current Seahawks logo. (by Max O' Brien)
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Something's off with this helmet design by Paul Bunyan Design; not sure what...
Fan Made Seahawks-Helmet
Fan-Made NLF Logo - Miami
(by Max O' Brien) Not too different from the current design, but how about this old Broncos logo from 1962-1969?
Fan Made Broncos-Helmet
I do like the Paul Bunyan Design helmets which use the current logo but add a backdrop associated with that city. This one also adds the matte finish.

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Fan-Made NLF Logo - Buffalo
I think the current design is hard to beat.  This one looks too much like "USC" colors. (by Max O' Brien)

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I prefer the skull-look. It's more intimidating than the pirate they currently use. (by Max O' Brien)
This alternate design reminds me of "The Punisher". (by Matt McInerney)
Fan-Made Washington Redskins Logo
(by Max O' Brien)  I wasn't sure of the connection between a lightening bolt and a horse, until I did some research. 
Old Chargers LogoThis logo is from their AFL days, from 1961 - 1973.
Fan-Made Dallas Cowboys Logo
San Diego or Los Angeles or Oakland or wherever... It doesn't matter with this helmet design. (by Paul Bunyan Design )

Speaking of Chargers logo history - notice the lightening bolt is slightly tilted, so one end touches the back of the helmet? This is how their helmet from 1988 - 2001 looked.

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Most of the fan made NLF logo designs are courtesy of Max O’ Brien, with a few from Matt McInerney and Paul Bunyan Design mixed in. (Disclaimer: These fan made NFL logos were designed by the artists for fun. They are unlicensed and are not the official logo for any NFL teams.)

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