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Fan Made NFL Logos – NFC & AFC North

(Part 2 of 4) – This feature of our Fan Made NFL Logos series focuses on the NFC and AFC North teams.

NFC North: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings
AFC North: Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and Pittsburgh Steelers

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Fan-Made NFL Logo - Chicago
Anything is more interesting than the "C", the Chicago Bears' logo since 1922.

If you look closely, that iconic "C" is still there, forming the shape of the bear's mouth. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan Made NFL Logo - Bears
This design keeps the "C", but adds a nice effect with the bear claw scratch marks on the side of the helmet. (by Paul Bunyan Design)

I like this playful variation of the Cubs logo for the football team. (by Matt McInerney)

Fan made NFL Logo - Bears

Fan-Made NFL Logo - Detroit
Not too different than the current logo, except the lion faces the other direction. (by Max O' Brien)Shop for Detroit Lions gear at Fanatics.comThis one is more interesting, embedding a lion's head within the "D". (by Matt McInerney)

Fan made NFL Logo - Lions

Fan-Made NFL Logo - Green Bay
...because there's nothing else to noteworthy about Green Bay, except it's in Wisconsin?

Again, the interlocking letters really makes it look too busy and confusing. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan made NFL Logo - Packers
Oh wait, cheese! This design ties together the only other thing Wisconsin is known for.  (by Paul Bunyan Design)
Fan-Made NFL Logo - Minnesota
What else can I say? This is a great logo! (by Max O' Brien)Shop for Minnesota Vikings gear at Fanatics.comThe helmet design is also really cool, with the braided long hair and viking horns. (by Paul Bunyan Design)
Fan Made NFL Logo - Vikings
These are two more really cool alternate logos for the Vikings. On the left, the football shape incorporates very well as the viking helmet and face.

Below, the "M" and "V" blend nicely into the logo. (both by Matt McInerney)
Fan Made NFL Logos - Ravens
Darker than the current Ravens logo, but not sure better. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan Made NFL Logos - Cincinnatti
I know he's trying to form a "C" with the bengal's body, but all it does is make the animal look like a bad George Lucas - Star Wars creation. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan Made NFL Logos - Cleveland
The left design is a more realistic image for the "Dawg Pound" (by Max O' Brien)

The design below is more abstract. (by Matt McInerney)

Fan Made NFL Logo - Cleveland Browns

Fan Made NFL Logo - Cleveland
...but my favorite fan made Cleveland Browns design is this matte-finish, orange-gradient helmet. Simple, but it works well. (by Paul Bunyan Design)Shop for Cleveland Browns gear at
Fan Made NFL Logos - Pittsburg
Not quite sure I understand the concept behind this design. (by Max O' Brien)Shop for Pittsburgh Steelers gear at Fanatics.comThe matte-finish also looks good on a Steelers' helmet. (by Paul Bunyan Design )

Fan Made NFL Logo - Pittsburg Steelers

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Most of the designs are courtesy of Max O’ Brien, with a few from Matt McInerney and Paul Bunyan Design mixed in. (Disclaimer: These fan made NFL logos were designed by the artists for fun. They are unlicensed and are not the official logo for any NFL teams.)


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