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11 Responses

  1. Bill Spiros says:

    Great true story , I went to all the games back then when I was a kid .I saw them both play . It wasn’t till I watched the movie years later did I learn so much about these two great people .

  2. Bob McKay says:

    A very good, but sad movie, a top sports movie!

  3. Billy Dee Williams and James Caan. Loved That Movie!

  4. I saw it with my dad and cried my eyes out.

  5. Do you remember the movie Bang The Drum Slowly, that was another football Movie that was so sad.

  6. Awsome movie, left a lump in my throat. Saw them both play, they were great.

  7. I am not a big Bears fan,but I thought the movie was GREAT, both James Can & Billy Dee Williams did A great job

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