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Fan Made NFL Logos – NFC & AFC South

(Part 3 of 4) – This episode of our Fan Made NFL Logos series highlights alternate designs for NFC and AFC South teams.

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers
AFC South: Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans

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Fan-Made NFL Logo - Chicago
A more rounded and sleek-looking bird that cleverly forms the "F" in Falcons.

The "Atlanta" in red font is a little difficult to read, maybe it should have been in bold or a font size larger?

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Fan-Made NFL Logo - Chicago
A little more of a side profile of the panther, and the curves gives it a more muscular look than the current Panthers logo. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan Made NFL Logo - Bears
Not really different than the current design, except for adding some white outlines and shading. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan Made NFL Logo - Bears
This fan made design is a mix of the original Tampa Bay logo of a pirate and the current logo of a skull and sword.

I think the original design is still the best. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan-Made NFL Logo - Detroit
While the current logo is more of an icon, this alternate design is a very detailed and realistic drawing of a bull's head and horns. And it looks pissed. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan Made NFL Logos - Cincinnatti
This design uses the existing logo, but places it on the front so the horns extends out to the sides of the helmet. (by Paul Bunyan Design)

Fan Made NFL Logos - Ravens
Remember the old Milwaukee Brewers logo? The baseball glove is actually a combination of the lower case letters "m" and "b".
milwaukee brewers logoThis fan made Texans logo is a play off that theme, using the letters "H" and "T" to create an image of a goal post. (by Matt McInerney)

Fan-Made NFL Logo - Green Bay
This fan made Indianapolis Colts logo isn't very fancy or different from the original logo, but it makes so much sense. Rotate the horseshoe 90-degrees clockwise, and the logo forms the letter "C". (by Max O' Brien)
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Fan made NFL Logo - Packers
Like a few other logos by Max O'Brien, his Jaguars design is similar to the current logo, except the jaguar's head is turned around.

It also looks more muscular and less slender. (by Max O' Brien)
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Fan Made NFL Logos - Cleveland
This fan made design uses the entire helmet to represent the jaguar's head.

The eyes are placed at the front and the jaguar's spots dot the rest of the helmet. (by Paul Bunyan Design)
Fan-Made NFL Logo - Minnesota
Much more interesting logo than the current Titans one.

If you look closely, there is a "T" in the figure's mask, and the sword forms another "T", giving you the initials for "Tennessee Titans".  Very subtle. (by Max O' Brien)

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Most of the fan made NLF logo designs are courtesy of Max O’ Brien, with a few from Matt McInerney and Paul Bunyan Design mixed in. (Disclaimer: These fan made NFL logos were designed by the artists for fun. They are unlicensed and are not the official logo for any NFL teams.)

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