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Fan Made NFL Logos – NFC & AFC East

It’s amazing how professional-looking fan made NFL logos can look. I’m envious of how creative and talented these guys are. This slideshow pulls together a collection of my favorites from the NFC East and AFC East teams.

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Most of the designs are courtesy of Max O’ Brien, with a few from Matt McInerney and Paul Bunyan Design mixed in. (Disclaimer: These fan made NFL logos were designed by the artists for fun. They are unlicensed and are not the official logo for any NFL teams.)

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Fan-Made Dallas Cowboys Logo
I like how there's a silhouette of a cowboy within the famous Star. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan Made New York Giants Logo
The interlocking "N", "Y" and "G" starts to get too busy for me. (by Max O' Brien)
Fan-Made New York Giants Logo
This design keeps the original logo but incorporates the New York City skyline - including the Statue of Liberty - nicely into the background. (by Paul Bunyan Design)

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Fan-Made Philadelphia Eagles Logo
Not much different from the current logo, except the eagle's head is more upright and not as slender.  Courtesy of Max O' Brien

If you're a fan of the Eagles (or sports movies in general), read our "Invincible" post and find out how accurate Vince Papale's story was as a walk-on for the Philadelphia Eagles back in the 1976 season.
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Fan-Made Washington Redskins Logo
Did you ever notice how old and sad-looking the Indian on the current Washington Redskins logo looks?

This version shows off a more modern, youthful, and angry look. (by Max O' Brien)

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I like the simplicity of only using the eagle war feathers on the helmet.

Plus, the helmet looks so shiny and sparkly. (by Paul Bunyan Design)
Fan-Made NLF Logo - Buffalo
The symmetry of the football player running alongside the stampeding buffalo is very well done.

You can feel the two running side-by-side, with the buffalo as the fullback leading blocks for his teammate. (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan-Made NLF Logo - Miami
I like how the dolphin forms the "D", and would be better if the dolphin wore a football helmet like their logos from 1966 - 2012. (by Max O' Brien)Shop for Miami Dolphins gear at Fanatics.comThis alternate logo is cool because the two dolphins outline the shape of a football.  (by Matt McInerney)

Fan-Made NFL Logos - Miami Dolphins_Matt

Fan-Made NLF Logo - New England
The current logo is just a guy's head, so this is more interesting.

My only question - why does that guy look so mad? (by Max O' Brien)

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Fan-Made NLF Logo - New York
The plane cleverly forms the "J" in "Jets".  (by Max O' Brien)

This alternate logo uses the same concept, where a football forms the nose and body of the jet. (by Matt McInerney)

Fan-made NFL Logo - New York Jets
This is my favorite of all the fan-made alternate New York Jets logos.  

I love how it totally looks like a jet fighter's helmet. (by Paul Bunyan Design)

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  1. September 6, 2018

    […] to see more fan made NFL logos from the NFC and AFC East teams, the NFC and AFC North teams, and the NFC and AFC South […]

  2. September 6, 2018

    […] to see more fan made NFL logos from the NFC and AFC East teams, the NFC and AFC South teams, and the NFC and AFC West […]

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