Super Bowl LI – Pop Culture Showdown

On Sunday, February 5th, 2017, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will face off in Super Bowl LI. This will be the 9th trip for New England, and Tom Brady’s 7th appearance. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons return for only the 2nd time in franchise history. The last time was on January 31, 1999, with Jamal Anderson “Dirty Bird” dancing the Falcons into Super Bowl XXXIII.

Due to the popularity of our original Pop-Culture Showdown, we do it again to predict which team will be raising the Lombardi Trophy a couple weekends from now.

Q1: Professional Sports

Baseball: Boston Red Sox vs Atlanta Braves

CategoryBoston Red SoxAtlanta BravesWinner
Head-to-Head35 wins31 winsBoston
World Series Appearances13 appearances17 appearancesAtlanta
World Series Wins8 World Series3 World SeriesBoston
Hall of Fame Players36 Red Sox players44 Braves playersAtlanta
Although both teams won 2 categories each, the fact that the Atlanta Braves used to be the Boston Braves tips this in favor of New England.
>>Patriots kick a field goal. New England leads Super Bowl, 3-0.

Basketball: Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks

CategoryBoston CelticsAtlanta HawksWinner
Head-to-Head226 wins140 winsBoston
NBA Finals Appearances21 appearances4 appearancesBoston
NBA Titles17 Titles1 TitleBoston
Hall of Fame Players34 Celtics players15 Hawks playersBoston
Clean sweep by the Celtics.
>>Patriots score a touchdown. New England leads Super Bowl, 10-0.

Hockey: Boston Bruins vs (non-existent)

We can’t even compare hockey teams because Atlanta had not one, but TWO NHL teams move out of the city – the Atlanta Flames (which has gone on to be the very successful Calgary Flames franchise) and the Atlanta Thrasers (which moved to Winnipeg and became the second incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets).
>>Patriots score a safety. After the 1st quarter, New England leads Super Bowl 12-0.

All those folks who had a “2” and “0” combination in Super Bowl Squares cannot believe their luck.

Q2: Music Artists and Songs

MusiciansAerosmithThe CarsREMJohn MayerBoston
Donna SummersBostonUsherToni Braxton
Til TuesdayNew EditionTLCOutKast
Drokpick MurphysBelBivDeVoeIndigo GirlsB-52's
James TaylorMarky MarkAndre 3000
New Kids on the BlockArrested Development
Songs about City/ StateTessie, a most awesome Dropkick Murphys song.Devil Went Down to Georgia, equally awesome song
by The Charlie Daniels Band
Augustana - Boston
B-52's - Love Shack.
A close quarter, but the Atlanta offense still cannot put up any points.
>>Patriots score two field goals. At halftime, New England leads the Super Bowl 18-0.

Q3: Movies and Actors

Actors and DirectorsMark WahlbergJames SpaderBrittany MurphyBoston
Matt DamonUma ThurmanSteven Soderbergh
Chris EvansLeonard NimoySpike Lee
Ed NortonGood Will HuntingChris Tucker
MoviesThe FighterFever PitchDriving Miss DaisyBoston
Fever PitchThe Perfect StormDrumline
The DepartedLegally Blonde
New England offense comes out firing after Halftime.
>>Patriots score two more touchdowns. After the 3rd quarter, New England is blowing out Atlanta 32-0.

Q4: Smorgasbord

Food & Drinkslobster, New England clam chowder,
Dunkin' Donuts, Samuel Adams Beer
Higher EducationHarvard (2nd nationally)
MIT (7th nationally)
Emory (20th nationally)Boston
Team Owner Net WorthRobert Kraft ($5.2 billion)Arthur Blank ($3.3 billion)Boston
Number of Olympics hosted01996 OlympicsAtlanta
The Atlanta offense finally scores a touchdown. Unfortunately, their defense gives up three.
>>New England wins Super Bowl LI in dominating fashion, 53-7.

Tom Brady holds up trophy

Tom Brady wins the MVP and thanks Roger Goddell for giving him a month off to rest his 39 year-old body.

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