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Concussion Bennet Omalu

Concussion – Dr. Bennet Omalu versus the NFL

Concussion is a movie about forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu, whose research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) brain degeneration exposed the truth about brain damage due to repeated concussions in ...
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Eddie the Eagle - Michael Edwards

Eddie the Eagle – British Ski Jumper Michael Edwards

"The Ridiculous True Story" of Eddie the Eagle, as described in a GQ article, is unlike any other "inspired by ...
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The Hurricane – Rubin Carter

“The Hurricane” is the story of middleweight boxer Rubin Carter, based on the accounts of Carter's own autobiography as well ...
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Chasing Mavericks – Surfer Jay Moriarity

Mavericks is the name of a surfing location in northern California just north of the town of Half Moon Bay, ...
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Million Dollar Arm - Bernstein

Million Dollar Arm – Sports Agent JB Bernstein

Million Dollar Arm is about sports agent JB Bernstein, who is portrayed as a struggling agent low on cash and ...
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Glory Road - Don Haskins and the Texas Western Miners

Glory Road – Don Haskins’ Texas Western Miners

Glory Road is based on the true story of Don Haskins and his 1965-1966 Texas Western Miners basketball team that ...
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Gridiron Gang – 1990 Kilpatrick Mustangs

Gridiron Gang is the true story of coaches in a Los Angeles juvenile correction facility who, in the 1990's, changed ...
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