2018 NFL Over/Under Contest: Vegas Win Totals

The NFL Over/Under contest for 2018-2019 regular season wins is FREE and only fans of TrueSportsMovies’ Facebook page are eligible. If you haven’t done so, you can simply click on the “Like” button below and you can enter.

The contest is simple – Vegas just released its projected regular season win-totals for each NFL team, so simply decide whether a team will win more (ie, Over) or less (ie, Under) than the 5/1/2018 Vegas projections from the link above.

The contest is free and the prizes are as follows:
1st place – $100 gift card to Amazon.com
2nd place – $50 gift card to Amazon.com

Here is some not-so-useful advice to help you with your picks…

  • Jimmy Garropolo is 7-0 lifetime as a starter. At that rate, he will lead the San Francisco 49ers to a 16-0 season, easily covering Vegas’s 8.5 win projection. Take the OVER.
  • LeGarrette Blount has won the last 2 Super Bowls, with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI and with the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. He’s now playing for the Detroit Lions, who will need more than Vegas’s projected 6.5 wins to make the playoffs. Take the OVER.
  • Since 2010, the record for the defending Super Bowl champs is 11 wins. Vegas has the Philadelphia Eagles at 10 wins. Take the OVER
  • Andrew Luck averages 8.6 wins as a starter. Vegas has the Indianapolis Colts at 7.5 wins. Take the OVER

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