Pop Culture Showdown: Peyton, Tom, Phil, and Tiger

The Match: Champions for Charity

This Sunday at 12pm PST, we have the most competitive charity golf match that is must-see television; Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning vs Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady. The 4-some will tee it up at the Medalist Golf Club in Florida, and all proceeds will be to help those affected by COVID-19.

The match will be broadcasted on TNT and feature Justin Thomas and the horrendous swinger of a club, Charles Barkley, as commentators. Concerning the format of the game, it will be the regular 18-hole match, yet the first nines and last nines have differences. The first nine will be played as Four-ball, whereas the back nine will be played using a modified alternate shot.

Tom, Phil, Tiger, and Peyton are all great competitors, and that even applies to their trash-talking. Tom posted on Instagram saying “Never had much of a hard time beating the Colts or a tiger, don’t see this time being much different”. Manning talked trash back on a call with Tom, Phil, and Tiger, saying that he would have preferred to play in places that Tom is hated, such as Indiana, Denver or Boston. Phil talked trash to Tiger about winning the last charity match and Tiger responded back by putting his 2019 Masters jacket on after claiming he was “a little bit chilly” after an ice bath.

Pop Culture Showdown

Using our ever-reliable “Pop Culture Showdown”, we can determine which “Team T.M.” (Tom Manning or Tiger Manning) will win this match before the first ball is teed off.

#1 Team Match-Play Records

Tiger’s team match play record is 31-35-2, while Phil’s is 37-29-16.

Edge: Phil, not even close

Score: Tom Mickelson: 1; Tiger Manning: 0

#2 Last Season with Original Team

Peyton’s last season with the Colts was in 2010, where he put up a solid 4700 yds/ 33 TDs vs 17 INTs/ 91.9 QBR
Tom’s last season with the Patriots was in 2019, where he was statistically inferior: 4057 yds/ 24 TDs vs 8 INTs/ 88.0 QBR

Edge: Peyton

Score: Tom Mickelson: 1; Tiger Manning: 1

#3 Better Commericials

This is where Peyton excels. He’s made so many memorable commercials for DirecTV, Nationwide, MasterCard, Pizza Papa Johns…
Tom? (crickets)

Edge: Peyton

Score: Tom Mickelson: 1; Tiger Manning: 2

#4 Lower Handicap

According to the Action Network, Tom has an 8.1 handicap index while Peyton has a 6.4 handicap index. Another point for Team Tiger Manning.

Edge: Peyton

Score: Tom Mickelson: 1; Tiger Manning: 3

#5 MVPs

Peyton has won 5 NFL MVPs (2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013) and 1 SuperBowl MVP (2007).
Tom has won 3 NFL MVPs (2007, 2010, and 2017) and 4 SuperBowl MPVs (2002, 2004, 2015, 2017).

Tie: Next category worth two (2) skins

Score Remains: Tom Mickelson: 1; Tiger Manning: 3

#5 Social Media

Peyton isn’t even on social media. ‘Nuff said.

Edge: Tom, +2

Score: Tom Mickelson: 3; Tiger Manning: 3

#6 Tiebreaker: Most Likely to Throw or Break a Golf Club

Wes Welker has caught passes from both Tom and Peyton. And, he’s played golf with both of them. In an interview, he 100% claims that it will be Tom Brady who’s more likely to throw or break a club on Sunday.

Edge: Tom

Score: Tom Mickelson: 4; Tiger Manning: 3

There you have it. When it counts the most, Tom bests Peyton again. And Phil maintains his dominance over Tiger in Team Match Play and Charity Tournaments.

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